Kirstin Jackson focuses on American cheese in her new book, It's Not Your, It's Brie: Unwrapping America's Unique Culture of Cheese! On this edition of Cutting the Curd's book review, guest host Diane Stemple talks with Kirstin about her first book, and the research and stress that went along with writing. Hear how Kirstin learned about different inspirations for cheeses from farmers and cheesemakers! Find out why Kirstin works within a light-hearted aesthetic, and why she imposed such a tight deadline upon herself. Would Kirstin ever write about international cheese? Find out all of this and more on this edition of the Cutting the Curd book review! This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods. Music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.


"Working in wine, I saw what happened when you make something too precious and too romantic... With wine, when something gets too precious, it's hard for some people to get involved." [5:25]

-- Kirstin Jackson on Cutting the Curd