A few months ago, Joe Salonia of Gourmino Cheese launched a hashtag to promote a cheese we all know and love: #SavetheEmmentaler. While this quintessentially Swiss cheese may seem ubiquitous at cheese counters across the U.S., like many well known European cheeses today, legal, cultural, and economic forces are shifting production of Emmentaler away from it's historic origins. Tune in to hear host Greg Blais discuss this topic with Joe in Cutting the Curd's first installment of our Lost Cheese series. This program was brought to you by Academie Opus Caseus.



"Gourmino is essentially a cooperative of cheesemakers operating in the heart of Switzerland... we're the only company that's making and aging Emmentaler in the Emmental."

"This is the cheese that the culture of Switzerland is constantly trying to improve year after year, generation after generation."

--Joe Salonia on Cutting the Curd