As the record drought in California - the worst in hundreds of years - continues to make headlines, food producers across the state are forced to adapt. For Sue Conley of Cowgirl Creamery, this means cutting down on certain styles of cheese. In this next installment of Cutting the Curd's Lost Cheese series, tune in to hear Sue, Greg Blais and guest co-host Matt Rubiner discuss the drought, cottage cheese, and the present and future of dairy in California. This program was brought to you by Academie Opus Caseus.



"We stopped making it [cottage cheese] before the the drought hit because it is a water intensive cheese." [10:40]

"This drought, what it's done, has made every commodity precious so our whey is in demand and we actually get a little bit of money for it." [14:50]

--Sue Conley on Cutting the Curd