Today’s episode of Cutting the Curd is all about goats! Tune in as Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slessinger chat with Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm in Vermont about all things goat. Learn how she fell in love with goat cheese and what makes kidding season such a crazy time of year. Find out about how the seasons affect the milk and cheese and what makes goats such unique creatures! Later on, they catch up with Gregory Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions of Big Picture Farm who are also in full-blown goat mode. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


“I’ve always been totally obsessed with cheese and farming. It wasn’t until I got to Blue Ledge that I learned the mystical magical power of goats and fell head over heels.”

–Louisa Conrad of Big Picture Farm on Cutting the Curd

“Our goats seem to milk best with longer daylight. Once we pass the longest day of the year their milk starts to decline.”

–Hannah Sessions of Blue Ledge Farm on Cutting the Curd