This week on Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slesinger are in the studio with two cheese professionals Marwen Amor of Fromagerie Catin in Paris and Sue Sturman of the American Cheese Society's Cheese Professional Certification Program. Tune in to hear about Marwen's beginnings in the cheese business, studying dairy sciences, the state of cheesemongering amongst the French youth, and his thoughts on American cheeses. Hear about his company, Saveurs de Laits, and its place in the cheese world. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.

"If I could say [what sets Fromagerie Catin apart] in one word, it would be passion. They love cheese and they have the desire to teach the customers how to eat the cheese and what to eat it with."

"Young people in Paris prefer to work in banks, social services, things like that. You can say that it's a job that's disappearing. But there are enough people in the new generations to keep the traditions going."

-- Marwen Amor on Cutting the Curd