David Lively is crusading for organics through the Organicology Conference! David has been involved in the organic agricultural movement and organic produce trade since 1979, as a gardener, farmer, and employee of Organically Grown Company (OGC), where he has been a warehouser, account representative, buyer, marketing director, and currently, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He has also served as a certification inspector and on the leadership council of the Oregon Organic Coalition, and on the boards of OGC, Oregon Tilth and, by Governor’s appointment, the Center for Applied Agricultural Research. Tune in to hear David talk about the conference with HRN’s own Erin Fairbanks! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch

“Organic foods has gotten in the position they are because of the green movement and people who are looking to make change in society and culture on a wide front, and it just so happened that the fuel they relied upon was organic food.” [19:40] — David Lively of Organically Grown Company