From piping hot pizza to the satisfyingly boxed Chinese food, takeout and delivery have been a part of our lives for over a century. This year, however, delivery went from a convenience to a necessity. Covid-19 forced restaurants and supermarkets to adapt quickly. The country has been faced with the question: How can we get food safely and efficiently? One answer has been delivery.

First, we take a step back and see how takeout and delivery have been at the forefront of social and economic change throughout the 20th century.  We hear from one delivery driver about how his job has and hasn’t changed since the start of quarantine. Brandon Hoy, co-founder and COO of Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, tells us how his restaurants are using new and innovative ways to streamline their delivery service amid Covid-19 safety regulations and staff shortages. Lastly, The Big Food Question  helps us answer some of our most pressing pandemic-related delivery queries.

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History of American takeout and Delivery

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