The crafters and products at the Good Food Mercantile are the cream of the crop in terms of sustainability, innovation, and quality. At the end of their day in D.C., Caity and Jack chat with producers of salt, fine oils, cheese and gelato, and a panel of chocolate makers who agree that being part of the Good Food Awards means being in good company!

Sarah Hartman of Harper Macaw, Alak Vasa of Elements Truffles, and Robert Norman of Raaka Chocolate share their favorite chocolate pairings and their experiences educating customers about the broad world of chocolate. Next, Nancy Bruns of JQ Dickinson Salt-Works tells about the history of West Virgina's salt industry and the value of thinking of salt as an agricultural product. Then guest host Jennifer Isham of Union Market talks with Paul Bower of Zingerman's Creamery about all things cheese and gelato. Finally, the day wraps up with Clay Oliver, who produces exceptional oils on his 5th generation family farm.

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"Anybody you ask if they want to try a piece of chocolate—they never say no!" - Alak Vasa, Elements Truffles