A "Juicy Lucy" burger stuffed with Reese's, a missing cat drunk on Riesling, and a Hello Kitty food truck: welcome to this week's The Morning After!  In studio with Chef Flynn McGarry, the whiz kid of the NYC pop up restaurant Eureka, Jessie and Sari get Flynn's story - how he started cooking at age 10, instantly fell in love with Thomas Kellers' The French Laundry Cookbook, soon began practicing his knife skills after school, and the rest is history!  After apprenticing with many notable chefs, he explains it was only a matter of time before venturing out, creating his own menu and supper club with Eureka in NYC.  Tune in to hear Flynn's amazing story, details on his pop up, and what's next!

"I started cooking because I really was not a fan of my parents' cooking."

"The great thing about cooking is that I may burn out from working a 22 hour day, but there's so many aspects to it.  If I burn out, every aspect is so different that you can segment it into a very long career." [30:30]

--Flynn McGarry on The Morning After