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Santacon does it again, communism is back in restaurant form, and a Bushwick man accosted with a Snickers - welcome to The Morning After!  Solo host Jessie Kiefer welcomes Chef Amanda Cohen to the studio catching up on the opening of Dirt Candy's new location plus its trials and tribulations.  Amanda also shares that Dirt Candy was actually one of the first restaurants in the city to do away with tipping and highlights the benefits and various reasons behind this choice.  Jessie goes on to ask how the vegetable based restaurant has fared with its recent implementation of brunch to the menu. Is Amanda ready to open another place any time soon? Does she ace The Morning After Quiz this time around?  Tune in for more!

"There's no reason why you can't find the money to pay your server if you get rid of tipping." [17:15]

--Amanda Cohen on The Morning After