A small patch of land within the 58-acre Shore Road Park, Narrows Botanical Gardens was formerly an overlooked area of parkland. Today the gardens thrive, enriching the lives of nearby residents and on the line with hosts Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito is Jimmy Johnson, urban landscape designer heavily involved with the Narrows Botanical Gardens. Continuing the series on horticultural disrupters, We Dig Plants is delving into the recent trend in park management: community involvement. Jimmy goes on to explain that these gardens are meant to satisfy the senses with colorful flowers, aromatic plants, and singing birds, making the Bay Ridge neighborhood in Brooklyn a beautiful destination.  Tune in for a great discussion on the numerous benefits of public horticulture!

"We're the only one in New York that has a cactus garden!" [31:00]

"What landscape designer gets the chance to design 4.5 acres of parkland?" [36:00]

--Jimmy Johnson on We Dig Plants