We are certainly in "high spirits" today on HRN Happy Hour with guests Kara Newman and Neal Hirtzel!

Kara is the author of the newly published Road Soda: Recipes and Techniques for Making Great Cocktails on-the-go, Anywhere. This also happens to be the fifth HRN show she's appeared in – welcome to the "five-timers club," Kara!

Neal is one of the guys behind California’s Native Son Alehouse, a craft beer pub that rotates 27 of the finest brews that west coast has to offer. Neal also happens to be an HRN super-fan, so we couldn't be more thrilled to have him in the shipping containers.

E25008A8-B5FA-48C8-95F3-A85CE2636427Neal Hirtzel, Kara Newman, Kat Johnson, Jordan Werner, and Hannah Fordin

On today's show, we recap our fabulous trip to Shacksbury's Harvest Camp (aka #Shackscamp), where we foraged for apples, made new friends, ate delicious cheeses, and drank our weight in ciders and cider spritzes.

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After talking all about the art of drinkin' on the go, we challenge Kara and Neal to a little travel booze trivia.... spoiler alert, they totally nail it.


Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.
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