"Local food" has been a buzzword in the vernacular of the sustainably-minded for years at this point, but what about the idea of "local drink"? It's safe to say that in New York State, beer is an agricultural product, and it is being treated with the same reverence. Governor Cuomo's Farm Brewery bill strengthened the craft beer infrastructure in the state while supporting local grain farmers. But Brooklyn Brewery, GrowNYC, and Valley Malt have upped the ante. On episode 176 of Beer Sessions Radio, the team behind the Brooklyn Greenmarket Wheat beer explains how they've managed to use 70% state-grown wheat and barley in their brew. Hear from June Russell, Manager of Farm Inspections and Strategic Development for Greenmarket/GrowNYC, on how she worked with Brooklyn Brewery's Steve Hindyto create this revolutionary beer. For more on local grains, make sure to listen to episode 176 of Beer Sessions Radio, which airs live every tuesday at 5pm EST only on the Heritage Radio Network.org. This is Joe Galarraga with the HeritageRadioNetwork.org reminding you to drink local, too.