With the harvest season in bloom, A Taste of the Past host Linda Pelaccio welcomes food historian, author, and epicure William Woys Weaver for a thorough discussion on the significance of vegetables in the colonial and revolutionary period of early America from the gardens to the table.  William shares the plethora of vegetables grown during these eras and describes the process of maintaining the seeds of the heirloom plants, of which he has amassed over 4000 varieties.  Tune in for a fascinating show and learn why maintaining the seeds of history is essential!


"The heirloom breeds of animals and vegetables are really where it's happening at the moment." [12:40]

"During the Victorian period, the breeders created round, smooth, red tomatoes which sort of became the ideal tomato.  The old ones didn't look like that.  Over time the physical appearance of the plant or fruit changed because we imposed new criteria on them." [14:30]

--William Woys Weaver on A Taste of the Past