With guest Baron Ambrosia from TV show “Bronx Flavor”. Check out the episodes at: www.bronxflavor.com

Andrew Carmellini, head chef of Tribeca’s Locanda Verde, talks about how he became a chef and his secret life as a Hip Hop producer.

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to be aired

This week on Eat To The Beat, the crew from PEDALING:NYC comes by to talk about bicycle culture in NYC.


This week on Eat To The Beat, Sarah Obraitis is joined by “saw lady” Natalia Paruz. Natalia demonstrates how to play the saw live, and describes her music journey that brought her to this uncommon instrument.

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Sarah Obraitis is back! Eat To The Beat returns with Chen Tamir & Jean Barberis of Flux Factory Gallery to talk art, fundraising, and adventures.

Sarah Obraitis is joined by Nils Noren a VP of Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute on today’s Eat to the Beat. Nils enjoys the sound of reggae while working in the kitchen.

Eat to the Beat explores performance artist Mike Albo’s parodies.

Jack Eichenbaum, Professor of Geography at Hunter College covers ground discussing the landscape of New York City on foot with Sarah on Eat To The Beat. Jack Eichenbaum hosts walking tours of all five boroughs. E-mail [email protected] for a full schedule.

Sarah sits in-studio with NYC musician Reverend Vince Anderson to talk about the spirituality behind his “Dirty” Gospel music.

Sarah Obraitis sits down with Charles Antonie Crete & Hugue Dufour of Toque to talk about French-Canadian culture, fois gras & the upcoming film “Durs a Cuire (Well Done)”

This week on Eat to the Beat musician Michael Hearst shares his Ice Cream Truck Soundtrack and the story behind his band One Ring Zero’s Recipe Project.

This week on Eat To The Beat, Sarah is joined by guest Michelle Lopez of the New York Metropolitan Country Music Association.

This week on Eat To The Beat, Sarah is joined by the singer/songwriter team of Jeneen Terrana & Silbin Sandovar

On this week’s Eat to the Beat, Sarah welcomes Chris Lentz to the studio for a talk and live dj set.

This week on Eat to The Beat, Sarah hosts Jayhawkin’ One Man Band and Pitmaster Trainwreck Washington of Kansas City, Kansas.

On this week’s Eat to the Beat, Sarah Obraitis hosts a music and talk session with Julia Jaksic, Head Chef at Employees Only and talented Croatian folk musician.

Sarah interviews Dan and Bill Purdy of Purdy & Sons Foods in Sherburne, NY, about their pet projects in music production and their band, The Cosmic Elvis Entities.

Continuing her exploration of the enmeshed worlds of food and music, Sarah interviews Brian Kenny of Hearst Ranch and Jana Fallin.

Sarah interviews Robert Drake of Ear Networks, designer of custom audio solutions for restaurants.

Sarah Obraitis speaks with Gianna Cerbone-Teoli about growing up in the restaurant business. Also on the show, George Motz, Film Director and Organizer of NYC Food Film Fest.