Casey Barber is re-defining junk food with her first cookbook, Classic Snacks Made From Scratch! This week on Eat Your Words, Casey joins Cathy Erway in the studio to talk about why she wrote a book dedicated to making junk food. From Twinkies to Goldfish, find out what recipes proved to be difficult to recreate. Casey's recipes forgo preservatives and artificial flavorings; learn what junk foods lend themselves to this style of baking. Later, Casey talks about her blog,, and some of her upcoming posts. Hear about Casey's rediscovery of the gimlet, and how she's recently been delving into the world of cocktails. This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's musical break.

"It started out as a joke. What am I going to write a book about- homemade junk food? Well, tt turned out to be a pretty good idea." [10:15]

-- Casey Barber on Eat Your Words