Throw your own fiesta with Rachel Anderson and Lee Frank! Rachel and Lee are the founders of Nachos NY, and the authors of the new book, Ultimate Nachos. Tune into this episode of Eat Your Words to hear Cathy Erway talk to Rachel and Lee about the origins of nachos as a leftover food for army wives. How do Rachel and Lee interpret other cuisines in the context of the nacho? Find out more about Nacho NY's Guactacular event, and learn how you can try some of these guacamole recipes on boat this summer in New York City! What recipe did Cathy contribute to the book? And are nachos appetizers, or the main dish? Find out on this week's episode of Eat Your Words! This program has been sponsored by Bonnie Plants. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.

"That's one of the first recipes in the book- how to make your own chips. I think people will be surprised at how easy it is." [9:20] -- Lee Frank on Eat Your Words

"When we started writing the book, so many people were surprised to see that most of our recipes are gluten-free. Corn tortillas contain no gluten." [13:00] -- Rachel Anderson on Eat Your Words