Avocados? Absolutely, this week on Eat Your Words, Cathy Erway calls in to HRN's Eddie Shumard to talk avocados and guacamole with Gaby Dalkin, author of Absolutely Avocados. Tune into this episode to hear Gaby hypothesize the reasons for the rise of the fruits popularity. Did you know that avocados are associated with fertility in some cultures? Learn about some traditional avocado recipes, and how Gaby updates them in her book. What has Gaby added to the avocado canon? Listen in to hear how Gaby has incorporated the buttery fruit into some dessert recipes. Learn more about growing avocado trees, and how avocados ripen! This program has been brought to you by BluePrint Cleanse. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music!

"Growing avocados is hard work... those trees need constant love, affection, and care." [17:05]

-- Gaby Dalkin on Eat Your Words