Learn more about the relationship between farmers and chefs with Alfred Portale's new recipe journal, Greenmarket to Gotham. On this week's episode of Eat Your Words, Cathy Erway is joined in the studio by Alfred Portale; Gotham Bar & Grill's Managaging Partner, Bret Csencsitz; and GrowNYC's Operations Director, David Hughes. Gotham Bar & Grill and GrowNYC's Greenmarkets are both long-standing NYC food institutions. Find out how the food landscape has changed in the city since the 80s. Why did Alfred want to highlight the Greenmarket in his new book, and why are chefs so driven by ingredients? Find out how Alfred translates restaurant recipes for home kitchens. What's the next trendy ingredient that we'll see at Greenmarket stands? Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Today's music has been provided by The California Honeydrops.


"For chefs, a major source of inspiration is our ingredients... It made sense to me to walk through the market. I would think about changes to the menu and be inspired by the farmers' ingredients. It made sense to buy from the Greenmarket because we're so close." [7:10]

-- Chef Alfred Portale on Eat Your Words

"The accessibility of quality ingredients is much better today. The unique thing about the Greenmarket is the relationship that has evolved between the chef and the farmer." [11:45]

-- Bret Csencsitz on Eat Your Words