Ben Sargent and Peter Kaminsky met on the piers of New York City. They teamed up and wrote The Catch, a book of sea-to-table recipes. Tune into this episode of Eat Your Words to hear Cathy talk with Ben, Peter- and Ben's alter ego, Doctor Klaw. Find out about Ben's history in the world of seafood. Ben has been involved with The Cooking Channel, and has served lobster rolls out of his garage; why did he decide to team up with Peter to write this book? Learn more about the seasonality of fishing in New York City, and if fish from the East River is safe to eat. Why are farmed fish hurting the lifecycles of the ocean? Tune into this episode of Eat Your Words to hear more about overfishing, hipster fishmongers, and more! Thanks to our sponsor, Cain Vineyard & Winery. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today's music.


"Suddenly I had this idea to put my grandfather's chowders and surfboards together and hang out in my garage. I couldn't sell enough surfboards, so that's where the chowder idea came from." [9:15]

-- Ben Sargent on Eat Your Words

"The problem with farmed fish, even if they're raised right, is that you're taking the small fish out of the food system, and you're starving the bigger fish." [18:00]

-- Peter Kaminsky on Eat Your Words