This week on Eat Your Words, Chef Aliya LeeKong joins us via phone to talk to us about her latest book, Exotic Table: Flavors, inspiration, and recipies from around the world--to your kitchen. Known as the professional home cook, Aliya talks to us about being respectful to traditional cooking, and influencing certain techniques and ingredients into your personal recipes. Although a classically trained chef, having spent time in the kitchens of Jean Georges, Devi, and Per Se and now a Chef and Culinary Creative Director at Junoon in New York City, her love of cooking begins in the home - creating surprising and delicious dishes for my family and friends. Wondering how to put some exotic influences into your home cooking? Interested in a Mexican chocolate loaf cake, a fresh pomegranate molasses, or an amazing chicken & biscuits? Tune-in to learn more about these recipes, and the book itself! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. Thanks to
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"I think food tastes different in different hands, and I think my mom's cooking carries the most comfort." [5:03]

"There's a moving away from really technical cuisine, to more casual. You're seeing a lot of chefs wanting to open something small and represent something they love to eat." [25:10]

-- Aliya LeeKong on Eat Your Words