Melanie Wagner, sommelier and author of Hello, Wine, joins Cathy Erway on this week's edition of Eat Your Words to demystify wine. Tune into this episode to hear about Melanie's transition from preschool teacher to wine expert. Why does Melanie hope to remove the pretension from the wine experience? Later, hear what wines pair best with traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Why is zinfandel a good choice for the Thanksgiving table? Learn why Old World wines are often more subtle than their New World counterparts. What's the next trendy grape variety for winemakers? Find out on this episode of Eat Your Words! This program has been brought to you by Many Kitchens. Music by The California Honeydrops.



"If end game is to get people more people drinking and enjoying wine, then why are people acting like 'wine snobs'?" [5:25]

"For Thanksgiving, you want an intense wine to stand up against all of the flavors on the table." [10:15]

"Wine is becoming more homogenous now that the global economy is expanding, which is kind of sad." [13:55]

-- Melanie Wagner on Eat Your Words