Cathy Erway is back with Eat Your Words, and today she is joined by Lukas Volger! You may know Lukas from his many cookbooks including Veggie Burgers Every Which Way, but now Lukas is diving into the world of digital publishing with his new quarterly series Feast by Lukas via iTunes! Tune in to hear why Lukas' personal frustrations with blogging inspired him to explore a new platform. Lukas mainly focuses on vegetarian recipes; what are his opinions on fake meat, and why isn't Lukas a strict vegetarian? Learn more about the design of Feast by Lukas, and how the production depth distinguishes the publication from food blogs. This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Music by The California Honeydrops.

"Treat yourself. Find some pleasure in your cooking. That might be what our weeknights need." [13:20]

-- Lukas Volger on Eat Your Words