This week on Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway is talking with author Suzanne Cope about her new book Small Batch: Pickles, Cheese, Chocolate, Spirits, and the Return of Artisanal Foods. Along for the episode, Suzanne is joined by Laena McCarthy, Marisa Wu, and Brian Ballan, who are some of the producers featured in Suzanne's book. Marisa Wu is a founder of Salty Road taffy, Laena is the founder of Anarchy in a Jar, and Brian Ballan runs A & B American Style condiments. All of these guys specialize in small batch food. Chatting about the boom of artisanal foods, they explain the concept of "co-op-etition." This term refers to the small businesses working together and networking in order to help each come up in the food world. Also discussing what it really means to be considered artisanal, the topic of being officially certified as organic is touched upon, plus a lot more. Tune in to hear why these small batch businesses do what they do and what they have planned for the future. This program was brought to you by Rolling Press.

"We actually work as a team to not only keep our network alive but to help each other." [10:20]

--Laena McCarthy on Eat Your Words

"You can't have an artisanal bun at Burger King." [12:38]

--Suzanne Cope on Eat Your Words