The kitchen is a battle place! Tune in to this week's Eat Your Words, as host Cathy Erway welcomes Betty Fussell, author of "My Kitchen Wars: A Memoir" among ten other books, ranging from biography to cookbooks, food history and memoir. Chatting about her unparalleled career path, Betty shares the trials and tribulations publishing her work not only as a woman but also in convincing the world that there is more to food than recipes. After the break, Cathy delves into Betty's deep rooted interest in culinary history and how she blazed the way for American food writers everywhere. Highlighting cuisines across the country, Betty explains that though true regional dishes are somewhat rare these days, they reveal clues about the area's past, people, and cultures. Listen in to a wonderful conversation! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.


"The kitchen is a battle place. You are fighting with ingredients in order to transform them into something you can eat!" [9:13]

--Betty Fussell on Eat Your Words