Welcome to Eating Disorder hosted by The Rev Spyro, Chef Paul Gerard, and Adam Velez! Each week our hosts will be taking shots and poking fun at some of the most bizarre, amusing and ridiculous trends to hit the culinary world, along with a revolving door of special guests. This week, Dustin Hegleson of Sweden Unlimited and Billy Gilroy of Employees Only join the program to talk smack about some of the more outrageous food trends of 2013, and talk about the importance of taste. It doesn't matter if it's local unless it tastes good! Learn if cruelty-free meat is a possibility, and find out why Spyro prefers his quinoa on the sweet side. Why are meatballs such a trendy food item? Find out on the debut of Eating Disorder! Thanks to our sponsor, Brooklyn Slate. Music by Dead Stars.


"The idea that 'local' is the selling point and not the fact that it tastes good is what really bothers me." [10:00]

-- Billy Gilroy on Eating Disorder