This week on Eating Disorder, we're talking all things mini, from KISS to pastries, we're getting the scoop! Crazy Legs Conti, Chef Paul Gerard, and The Rev Spyro welcome Johnny Iuzzini, Top Chef judge, author and James Beard award Winner and Little Jimmy, a little person who has achieved great heights as a world class entertainer, MC, and professional dancer who has worked with the likes of Tito Puente and Billy Barty, to the studio. The guys go into detail with Johnny about his new book Sugar Rush as well as the joy of small desserts and how he strives to keep his confections enjoyable but not too sweet. After the break, the guys talk to Little Jimmy about his book (co-authored by Crazy Legs) and life story. At the tail end of the show, the crew welcomes Lou Fatale via phone who is the manager of Minikiss, a high energy rock show made of little people that illuminate KISS. Having managed Minikiss since their start in 1996, Lou shares details on the band's appearance in the next Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie. Tune in for mini, or many, laughs! This program has been brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"I don't like cloyingly sweet food and my deserts are never cloyingly sweet, there's always a balance. There's always a lot of savory ingredients - there's a high quantity of salt in everything that I do, not to make it salty but also to balance natural flavors." [5:54]

--Johnny Iuzzini on Eating Disorder

"Every little person on the planet should join Little People of America, LPA... through LPA I've had the greatest time and met the greatest people." [24:16]

--Little Jimmy on Eating Disorder

"With Kevin James and Adam Sandler, we're pumped up, it's [Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2] going to be a great movie!" [29:17]

--Lou Fatale on Eating Disorder