This week on Eating Disorder, hosts Chef Paul Gerard and Crazy Legs Conti are talking all about the gunslingers of the wild west and what they liked to grub on. After a short catch up, the guys welcome Walt Willey, formerly Jackson Montgomery on All My Children, as well as the star of the one man show Wild Bill! An Evening with James Butler Hickock to get his expert thoughts on the time period. Walt gives the guys some great highlights of his time on All My Children before delving in to his theater chops, explaining how he came to write and play the part of one of the most famous gunslingers of the wild west. Through his thorough research for the role, Walt proves rather knowledgeable about the food that the gunslingers dined on and fields a few questions from Crazy Legs and Chef Paul after the break. Tune in for a great show! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.


"I wanted to strip away the legend and leave the truth." [23:15]

"Whatever they [gunslingers] were eating was prepared fresh that day." [30:50]

--Walt Willey on Eating Disorder