This week on the first Eating Disorder of the year, hosts Crazy Legs Conti and The Rev Spyro recap their holidays and explain Chef Paul's absence before welcoming Chef Amy Cunningham, a vet of Miami's Yardbird, to the show. Her most recent project, The Brew Inn, which focuses on New York beers and a menu of Amy's, is a mix of Polish and Southern bar food, ranging from a shrimp po' boy to pierogies. She goes on to give Crazy Legs and Spyro details on her newest restaurant while helping the guys sort out some of the appalling food and beverage trends of 2014 including toast, umami, and predict what could be big in the coming year. Tune in for a hilarious show! This program was brought to you by Roberta's Pizza.


"I'm really a traditionalist. I just like really classic things prepared well." [24:40]

--Amy Cunningham on Eating Disorder