This week on Eating Disorder, hosts Crazy Legs Conti and The Rev Spyro welcome neighbors to Heritage Radio Network, owners of Boobie Trap here in Bushwick Kristen North and Paul King. Kristen and Paul explain how Boobie Trap came to be, stemming from Kristen’s past bartending at The Knitting Factory and vision for a place uniquely her own. The conversation hops from topic to topic, eventually landing on a thorough discussion regarding the controversial Yelp website/app and the evolution of Williamsburg. After the break, the group shares thoughts on Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest shenanigans, the Super Bowl Katy Perry Halftime Show, and a plethora of hilarious topics. This program was brought to you by Roberta’s Pizza.

“The name Boobie Trap actually came from the movie The Goonies!” [7:40]

Kristen North on Eating Disorder