This week on Eating Disoder, hosts Crazy Legs Conti and The Rev Spyro welcome author Janice Erlbaum to the studio. Her latest work, "I, Liar!" is out now and tells the tale of how we rewrite our histories, remake our selves, and revisit the same storylines and characters throughout our lives. Talking about everything from writing stoned to Crazy Legs' original film concept, all conversational bases are covered here. For the trainwrecks, for the borderlines, for the girls who are "too much" for everybody else: "I, Liar!" and this Eating Disorder episode is for you! This program was brought to you by Roberta's.


"I have found that I can write both stoned and sober, which was a real relief!"

"I would love to be vegan if it didn't take your entire life up!"

--Janice Erlbaum on Eating Disorder