Get ready to be convinced that you should be eating insects! Pat Crowley, Founder of Chapul Bars, is this week's guest on What Doesn't Kill You, and he's got his sights set on introducing bugs to the American plate. Chapul Bars are protein bars made using insects as healthy, eco-friendly, and tasty alternatives to unsustainable sources of protein. Pat makes a compelling case for eating insects. Grossed out? Pat and the folks at Chapul are making their protein bars using milled cricket flour, helping the consumer psychologically deal with eating bugs. He remembers a time when sushi seemed foreign to American consumers, and thinks insects are going through a similar phase right now. Could his cricket bars be the new California roll? Could insects solve our unsustainable protein problem? Tune in and get the inside scoop on insects. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.

"Bugs are an unknown future as far as agricultural products are concerned. If you look at it objectively - it's a no brainer that we should have insects in our diet. the only reason we don't is a psychological one." [03:00]

"All of this has been about spreading an idea and creating change for future generations." [26:00]

--Pat Crowley on What Doesn't Kill You