This week on Eating Matters, host Kim Kessler is talking about kids and food and how all should be able to grow up eating nutritious food without the age old struggle of parents versus kids. Welcoming guests Pam Koch, Executive Director of the Tisch Food Center for Food, Education, and Policy at Columbia Teacher's College, and Stefania Patinella, former Nutrition Director of Children's Aid Society, they kick off the show debunking the myth that kids as a whole do not like eating healthy food. If food is both delicious and nutritious, the guests concur that kids will take to new menus in schools, for instance. Society has instilled many of the ideas of how difficult it is apparently to change kids' diets for the better. After the break, the group talks how simply getting children involved in their food system conjures interest and desire to eat fresh foods. Tune in to for a wonderful discussion and to hear about those on the forefront of this matter making a difference. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.


"The biggest myth is that kids don't like healthy food." [1:57]

--Stefania Patinella on Eating Matters

"Parents think that kids aren't interested in and aren't able to help cooking at home." [6:52]

--Pam Koch on Eating Matters