Hospital food often gets a bad rap: it's often unappetizing, unbalanced, and definitely unhealthy. This week on Eating Matters, host Kim Kessler is addressing the issue head on. After spending over 25 years as a lawyer on the Hill, a healthcare administrator, and philanthropist, Marydale DeBor decided it was time to put delicious, nutritious food at the center of healthcare. Her organization, Fresh Advantage, employs a team of nutritionists, consultants, and other experts to help a range of health providers serve up food that is fresh and healthful. Kim and Marydale discuss how exactly she started Fresh Advantage and the trials and tribulations along the way working with hospitals, patients, and navigating government regulations. After the break, Marydale shares three levels of nutrition intervention that have the benefit of being high-impact and low-cost. Tune in for an informative, new episode kicking off 2015! This program was brought to you by Route 11 Potato Chips.


"We felt that it was so important to have fresh, organic as possible, locally sourced ingredients, and give people a couple of choices that would be so rewarding and delicious that that would be satisfactory."

--Marydale DeBor on Eating Matters