This week on Eating Matters, host Kim Kessler tackles more notable food policy issues. Opening the show with the policy roundtable, she welcomes Denis Stearns, Cathy Nonas, and Samuel Wiseman as they discuss produce that is sold at farmer's markets. Are farmers really growing the produce that they are selling? The roundtable next discusses the new partnership between the Girl Scouts of America and Nesquick to promote cookie - flavored drinks. After the break, Kim speaks with Carlye Burd and David Flemister from EmblemHealth about the ways that EmblemHealth is trying to change the health of the communities they work in by making the connection between food and health. Talking about their initiatives to help their customers lead healthier lives, EmblemHealth seeks to be seen as more of a health resource that happens to sell insurance. Tune in to hear a great roundtable discussion as well as an inspiring business plan from an insurance company trying to change the game. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.


"This is the first foray into actually turning a program that connects our members to food to a value added benefit - that's part of one of our products. It's called the Local Fruits and Veggies Program. [18:20]

--Carlye Burd on Eating Matters

"About a year ago we started shifting how we saw ourselves and instead of saying we're a health insurance company, we realized that the first step in being a neighborhood resource and helping people to stay healthy, live well, and get better, is to change your internal mantra - we call ourselves a neighborhood health and wellness company. [20:41]

--David Flemister on Eating Matters