When you’re making a dinner reservation, do you care who owns the restaurant? Increasingly the answer is - yes people do care. But most reservation platforms don’t give any information on ownership. And ownership is the roadmap to where the money goes. Does it go back into the community or to a corporate HQ? Tech Bites host Jennifer Leuzzi (@mmesnack) talks with the founders of EatOkra (@eatokraTheApp), Anthony Edwards Jr. (@happilyedwardsafter2018), Janique Bradley (@superbasednique) and Justin Johnson (@mugenthemadking) about why they decided to create an app to find black-owned restaurants. Today EatOkra covers 20 US cities and lists more that 1200 eateries. This episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn) is made possible by the generosity of Henry’s Wine & Spirit in Brooklyn (@henrysbk).

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