Eden Egziabher’s journey has taken her from war-torn Ethiopia to the streets of New York City to become the first Eritrean-Ethiopian female food truck owner. From her bright yellow truck, Makina Cafe, she serves 'Habesha' food, a term that eliminates the distinctions between Eritrean and Ethiopian tribes and celebrates unity. Tune in to hear Eden talk about the genesis of her popular food truck including her labyrinthine path from entering the US as a 15 year old immigrant who didn’t speak English to becoming an accounting major at USC to being ecstatic when she was fired from her marketing job, convincing her to open her own business. Now that her authentic food has been enthusiastically embraced, Egziabher is focused on giving back.

You can follow Makina Cafe (@makinacafe) on all major social media outlets to find the trucks' location each day.

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