Making it look easy is the point, right? Writers, actors, and artists of all sorts tell stories about real life experiences, defending their choices, owning their truth, and leaving a trail of wisdom in their creatively-tuned path.  We see them at the climax, the triumph, the TED talk --- the ENDING. But what about all the steps before they hit SEND on that manuscript?

On today's show, we're joined by writer Jen Glantz, who combines public and private in her work as a Bridesmaid for Hire, blogger, and two-time author with her most recent book, Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire), now out by Simon and Schuster. We discuss finding your voice as a human-turned-writer, how that voice gets whittled through a process, and how that voice needs defending when the work is finished and subject to the public eye. Plus, we play a little foodie TRUE OR FALSE game, pitting her against Ben with some food news of the week.


Jen Glantz