This week on What Doesn’t Kill You Katy interviews contributing editor to Popular Science and award winning author Catherine Price. The two discuss Catherine’s recent book, Vitamania, which focuses on the worlds vitamin and dietary supplement market. The conversation turns to what foods we should grow and eat to make sure children get the vital nutrients they need to prevent disease and other similar health issues. Catherine informs us on the specifics of how losing certain vitamins can affect us negatively and important foods to include in our daily lives. This program was sponsored by Bi-Rite Market.


“When you take all the nutrients off of a grain of wheat, you don’t know what you are losing that helps you process those nutrients.” [13:00]

“If you have a cupcake that has vitamins in it, or chia seeds in it, its still a cupcake.” [14:00]

Catherine Price on What Doesn’t Kill You