Join co-hosts Ethan & Jenny for a conversation with Material cofounders Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen. They're longtime friends, and they launched Material in 2018 to bring people together and spark meaningful moments by creating high-quality, thoughtfully designed things for the kitchen.

Eunice started her career at Goldman Sachs, has helped launch and advise several start-ups in the consumer space, and was most recently Head of Digital at Revlon. Her favorite dish to cook (and eat) are whole grilled fish tacos, and her current favorite restaurant (ever-changing top billing) is Lilia. When she is not eating or thinking about food, Eunice can be found chasing her four-year old daughter around the city's neighborhood parks.

Dave is co-founder and COO of Material, bringing more than 10 years of supply chain and business operations management experience with leading brands such as Valentino and Chanel. Previously, Dave was the Director of Planning at Chanel, where he led business planning functions and cross-functional projects for the company’s fashion retail division. Dave holds graduate degrees from Boston College Law School and Carroll School of Management and an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine.

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