Welcome to Everything's On the Table, a new weekly program produced by Food Systems Network NYC and HeritageRadioNetwork.org! Each week, hosts will examine the food policies that impact our everyday lives and that hang in the balance as New Yorkers go the polls this fall. This week, HRN's Erin Fairbanks is joined by guest co-hosts Ed Yowell, Co-Chair of Food Systems Network NYC, and Sarah Brannen, Founder of Upstream Advisors. Tune in to hear discussions regarding the roles that the mayor and city council play in food policy, and how the upcoming elections will affect folks at a very direct level. Later, Alissa Weiss, Senior Policy Analyst for the New York City Council, joins the conversation to break down how different sectors of city government influence policy regarding food and health. What legacy should the next NYC mayor aim to set for their term regarding food? Finally, Nancy Easton of Wellness in the Schools and Nancy Romer of the Brooklyn Food Coalition stop by to talk about improving school lunches. Tune in to hear how the coalescence of workers, growers, and environmentalists can help solve the obesity epidemic. How can better food be ensured for future generations? Find out all of this and more on the first installment of Everything's On the Table! This program has been brought to you by the HeritageRadioNetwork.org. Music provided by Pamela Royal.


"Our city government is going to look very different very soon and many New Yorkers may not realize how food policy decisions by the mayor or city council can affect their daily lives." [9:45]

-- Sarah Brannen on Everything's On the Table

"New York has been a leader on public health issues, and now we're starting to bring food into that conversation." [22:45]

-- Alissa Weiss on Everything's On the Table

"Most of us know that if a child cooks something, he or she will also most likely eat it." [30:00]

-- Nancy Easton on Everything's On the Table