How will Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio support the city through food policy and public health initiatives? On the final episode of Everything's On the Table, Erin Fairbanks is rejoined in the studio by Ed Yowell. food active organizations. Ed is a co-chair of the Food Systems Network NYC and is the Slow Food USA Northeast Regional Governor. Also joining Erin and Ed is Thomas Forster, a policy advisor for School Food FOCUS and part time faculty member of the New School Food Studies department. Tune in to hear Thomas list the different areas where Mayor-Elect de Blasio has the potential to make change in the food system. Learn about the security promises or urban agriculture, and the nutritional benefits of universal school breakfasts and lunches. Later, Nevin Cohen, Environmental Studies Professor at the New School, talks about the need for a deputy mayor in charge of New York City's food system. Later, Ray Figueroa, President of the NYC Gardening Association, and Sarah Brannen of Upstream Advisors talk about the importance of direct-to-community involvement for the new administration. This program has been brought to you by Music has been provided by takstar.


"We have so many perspectives in the food arena... these sectors, actors, citizen groups- they are important voices, and they need to be structured in a better way than they have in the past." [10:05]

-- Thomas Forster on Everything's On the Table

"Public health measures are not only about improving health, but also reducing diet-related healthcare costs." [19:35]

-- Nevin Cohen on Everything's On the Table

"The elephant in the room is unemployment and poverty... we really need to respect the members of the community as the experts." [45:10]

-- Ray Figueroa on Everything's On the Table