Almost a month ago, Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc on the Carolinas. She displaced thousands of residents and caused billions of dollars in damages. Just this week, Hurricane Michael ravaged a section of Florida’s panhandle that has already faced decades of hardship, due to climate change, disappearing industry, and the BP oil spill. Apalachicola, one of the small, historic fishing towns that received a direct hit, is home to a shrinking oyster industry. Michael could be one of the final blows to that economy. Sadly, hurricane season has become a cycle of damage and repair that we’re becoming all too familiar with. We’ll continue to follow developments in the panhandle, and this week on Meat + Three, we take a look at the recovery efforts underway in other areas of the southeast, including North Carolina.

Our stories this week look into the Waffle House Index, World Central Kitchen’s recovery efforts, the affects of flooding on small and large farms, and a very different type of storm: the kind that can happen on social media.

Episode 17 Eye of Storm Image

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