This week is all about a few choice iconic dishes – from New York City to Old Delhi, India. Ruby Walsh starts us off with a classic egg cream, at New York institution Gem Spa, where we learn how the sweet drink is intertwined with the bodega’s legacy in the neighborhood. Just a few blocks up Nicole Cornwell uncovers the origin of the famous goat neck dish at Ducks Eatery from executive chef Will Horowitz. Next, we travel all the way to India’s capital with Jess Krainchich and guest reporter Shamolie Warerkar to visit Delhi’s Paranthe Wali Gali, the famous street known for its delicious paranthas: vegetarian, stuffed flatbreads. Kevin Barnum rounds out this episode by speaking with some bold home cooks who attempt to make their favorite iconic dish without going to a restaurant, with key insights from Cathy Erway, host of HRN’s Eat Your Words and author of Not Eating Out in New York.

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