Farah Masani is a visionary farmer who has broadened her impact beyond the boundaries of her own land. Born in Bombay, Masani worked on a sheep farm in the Himalayas, came to the U.S. to study social work and behavioral therapy before connecting with farmers. She now owns Farah’s Farm in Wilton, CT, and is also the Director of Culinary Purchasing for Barteca Restaurant Group, based out of Norwalk, Connecticut. She provides the group with goods from her own garden and farm, and works with purveyors around the world to supply Barteca's 20+ restaurants with top quality ingredients. Continuing her social justice practice, Masani runs a therapy program on her farm for autistic children. Also on this episode of Speaking Broadly, author Clarissa Wei brings to light some of her favorite Asian specialties that are ignored by mainstream journalists. And host Dana Cowin talks about her best meal from a recent trip to Chicago.