Kat Kinsman, author and editor, is taking on the subjects rarely discussed in the food world, namely depression, addiction, and burnout. In her talk entitled "Feeding the Beast," presented at this year's Cherry Bombe Jubilee conference, Kat shared her thoughts on helping, healing, and finding a way forward. Kat was welcomed to the stage by her friend, the writer Jordana Rothman. We're sharing both Kat's talk and Jordan's heartfelt introduction on Radio Cherry Bombe today.

Kat is doing more than just speaking up. She launched the "Chefs With Issues" website to help others share their stories and find resources. The book about her own struggles, Hi, Anxiety, will be published this November.

This talk was part of our third annual Jubilee conference, which was held earlier this year at the High Line Hotel in New York and featured interviews and talks with some of the most interesting women in the world of food. More than 300 guests attend the sold­-out conference each year to network, hear the speakers, and enjoy food from the city’s hottest female-­run businesses.

Kat Kinsman


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