WhyHunger is connecting people in need to sources of healthy food. This week on Feeding the Future, Orianne Cosentino is joined in the studio by Christine Binder, the Outreach Coordinator for the National Hunger Clearinghouse at WhyHunger. Hear about the organization's long-running history of providing food aid. Learn about the National Hunger Hotline, and how it connects all types of people to food sources. What was WhyHunger's role in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy? WhyHunger provides several programs and guidebooks for people interested in child nutrition, institutional food services, and emergency food providers. Find out how you can get involved on this week's episode of Feeding the Future! Check out Orianne's blog for this week's recipe. This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate Company. Thanks to PEELS for today's music selections.

"In any given month, we get hundreds of calls, but when a disaster strikes, the numbers go into the thousands, so we must always be prepared." [12:10]

"One of the problems with our emergency food system is that these people who are going to food pantries are eating everyone else's leftovers, and it shouldn't have to be that way." [17:30]

-- Christine Binder on Feeding the Future