Congratulations to JoAnn "Flash" Fleming and Andrew Newman! This week marks the 100th episode of Flash Talks Cash, and Flash and Andrew are talking politics and the upcoming election. If Obama gets re-elected, will he deliver on his promises and become a firmer leader? And what should be done about the recent Muslim parody that has caused public outcry in the Middle East? Tune in to hear what Flash and Andrew forsee for the next four years. Hear their thoughts about job creation, infrastructure, and unemployment. Flash and Andrew answer a listener question about Obama and the economy, and what he has done to ease the effects of the recession. For more about politics, tune into the 100th episode of Flash Talks Cash! This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.


"It's so scary, the people who run this country have no idea! They're just listening to lobbyists... If we get rid of the lobbyists, we'd be in a much better place." -- Andrew Newman on Flash Talks Cash

"Americans are spoiled, we don't pay a lot for gasoline. We just love our cars!" -- JoAnn "Flash" Fleming on Flash Talks Cash