This week on Flash Talks Cash it's time place your Super Bowl bets! Flash and Andrew take you on a rundown of the numbers behind the most watched event in America. From how much the average person spends on Super Bowl Sunday to how the big game is connected to the stock market and the oldest profession in the world, you'll find this episode jam packed with all sorts of Super Bowl trivia. Learn all about how the betting system works, from prop bets, to point-spread bets, to moneyline bets and make sure you don't get cheated! This episode is sponsored by Fairway Market.


"The average persons spends 60 dollars on the super bowl, that means the economy will get a boost of 11 billion dollars."

"The S&P goes up and down with the Superbowl...when an older team wins the stock market goes up, when a newer team wins the market goes down

--JoAnn 'Flash' Fleming' on Flash Talks Cash