On this week's episode of Flash Talks Cash, JoAnn "Flash" Fleming and Andrew Newman are talking about alternative forms of lending and receiving loans. Flash goes over the microlending system created by Muhammad Yunus, a form of non-interest loan that provides small amounts of money to impoverished people looking to start small businesses. The conversation then shifts to the recent phenomenon of crowd-sourcing; venues like Kickstarter provide support for people looking to start creative projects. Flash and Andrew discuss other non-traditional forms of lending such as The Lending Club, Prosper, and Kiva that have been fueled by social media. Tune in to learn the benefits of these upstarts as opposed to traditional bank lending, and hear about some of the legal considerations of alternative lending. This program has been brought to you by TriState Merchant Services, Inc.

"So this [peer-to-peer lending] is a new emerging kind of industry, so they're figuring out the legal ramifications of being in compliance, and the things they do not have to be compliant about." --JoAnn "Flash" Fleming on Flash Talks Cash